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How does Round-ups work?
How does Round-ups work?
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What are Round-ups?

Round-ups let you invest the spare change from the purchases you make with your bank in your CIRCA5000 account.

For example, if you spend £2.40 on a coffee then this will be rounded-up by £0.60 to the next pound. The total of your weekly round-ups is then collected each Monday evening from your debit card and invested in your portfolio on our next trading date.

Simply put, it's another easy way to put away money for your future without thinking about it.

Note: If your round-ups in any given week is less than £5 (our minimum top-up amount) then the balance will continue to carry over to the following week until the minimum amount is at least £5 and can be collected.

How do you know how much spare change to round-up?

We connect to your bank account using a method known as Open Banking. It's the secure method to give companies like us access to some of your bank account information, like the value of your purchases, so we can calculate the spare change to round-up.

Open Banking was built by the banks themselves and has been put through extensive testing, by both the banks and a number of authorised and regulated third-parties, to make sure it's a safe and secure method of sharing the details you agree to be shared.

By connecting your bank account through Online Banking a 'token' ID is created which authorises your bank to share certain information with us while the token is active. You’re never asked to share your online banking login details with us.

Who are TrueLayer?

TrueLayer are the Open Banking provider we use to safely access your data.

They're a UK based, FCA regulated company used by businesses such as Monzo, Clearscore and Zopa.

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