How do I set up Round-ups?

Just head to:

  1. Tap 'Set up' on the Round-ups tab of your app's Invest screen

  2. Tap the toggle to turn Round-ups on

  3. Select your banking provider from the list of banks we can connect to

  4. Follow the the steps to securely connect to your bank using Open Banking (this is done through Truelayer who are our Open Banking provider)

  5. Start rounding up your spare change

The total of your weekly Round-ups will be collected each Monday evening and invested on the next available trading date.

Can I stop Round-ups once I've started?

Sure! You can stop Round-ups entirely or just skip it for a week.

Turning Round-ups off entirely

You can turn Round-ups off at anytime by tapping the on/off toggle on the Round-ups page in your app.

Skipping Round-ups for a week

If you'd like to keep Round-ups activated but just skip it being collected for one week, then you can just tap the on/off toggle then choose 'Pause Round-ups'.

This will stop us calculating any more round-ups for that week and we'll begin calculating them again from the following Monday.

How do I change the bank account connected to Round-ups?

You can change the bank account you'd like to be used to round-up your spare change at anytime.

To do this just:

  1. Tap the arrow on the Round-ups tab of your app's Invest screen

  2. Tap 'Connected Account'

  3. Tap 'Change Bank'

  4. Select the new banking provider you'd like to connect

  5. Follow the onscreen steps to connect to your bank using Open Banking. (This will take you through Truelayer to your banking provider, than back through to Truelayer and CIRCA5000 to complete the connection.)

Why is my banking provider not shown in your list?

Some banks aren't currently available on Truelayer's platform, but they're always looking to integrate with more banks.

If your provider isn't shown on the list of banks available in the app right now, hopefully they'll be listed soon.

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