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Withdrawing from your CIRCA5000 account
Withdrawing from your CIRCA5000 account
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From the Invest tab, tap the account you'd like to withdraw from then tap Withdraw Money. From here you can follow the on screen instructions to send us your withdrawal request.

For certain withdrawals we may contact you for further verification documents before we can begin to process your withrdawal. If further information is needed we'll be in touch by email and in-app chat to explain what we need from you.

Note: if you've recently made a top-up, this amount can only be withdrawn once it's settled with us and been invested (which takes 1-2 working days).

How long do withdrawals take?

Withdrawals can take 5-8 working days to be received back in your nominated bank account. This is because we firstly need to sell your investments into cash.

We trade each working day, with a trade cut off time of 3pm, so if you request your withdrawal before 2.45pm on a working day then your investments will be sold that day.

If you request your withdrawal after 2.45pm on a working day (or anytime on a weekend/bank holiday) then your investments will be sold the following working day. The cash proceeds of these sales then take 2 working days to be received by us from the ETF managers.

Once the cash is received we'll transfer it by BACS to your nominated bank account which takes 3-5 working days from then to be received.

If verification information is needed from you we'll reach out to you on the day your investments are due to be sold. Until this information is received your withdrawal will not be processed and you'll remain invested.

How much will I get back?

When you request your withdrawal you're still invested in the market until your investments have been sold on our next trading date. This means you're investments are still subject to market fluctuations and your account balance can still go up or down.

Full Withdrawal

If you've requested to withdraw the exact balance shown as 'available to withdraw,' then we will automatically treat this as a withdrawal of 100% of your CIRCA5000 account. We'll sell 100% of your investments and transfer 100% of the cash proceeds to your nominated bank account, whether your investments sell for more or less than you initially requested to withdraw.

Partial Withdrawal

If you've requested to withdraw only a portion of your 'available to withdraw' balance (e.g. you've requested to withdraw £500 of your £12,600 balance) then we treat this as a partial withdrawal. We'll calculate the proportion of your investments corresponding to the amount you've asked to withdraw and we'll sell that proportion.

We cannot guarantee that the selected proportion will raise precisely the original indicative amount requested – this is due to the likelihood of fluctuations in market values. To try and prevent this we'll sell the value you've requested to withdraw plus 10%.

How will my withdrawal show on my bank statement?

The cash proceeds of your investments are paid to you by our custodian, Seccl. Your withdrawal will show on your bank statement as a payment from Seccl.

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