Contract Notes

Whenever you top-up or withdraw from your account trades are placed for you. These will be to buy or sell shares in the ETFs in your portfolio depending on your instruction.

For each trade placed, a contract note will be generated once the order is complete (which takes 2 working days).

To view or download your contact notes just head to Settings > Documents.

Quarterly Statements

Your account statement can be downloaded from your app if you head to head to Settings > Documents. They're produced on the 11th of each quarter as follows:

  • 11th January

  • 11th April

  • 11th July

  • 11th October

Your account statement will give you a valuation at the start and end of the quarter with a breakdown of the shares held in each ETF of your portfolio. It'll also list the transactions that have been made on your account during that period.

Consolidated Income Certificate

These reports aren't yet available in your app. If you need a Consolidated Income Certificate please reach out to our Customer Support team by email to, or using your in-app chat.

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