Investment ‘Theme’ has been renamed to ‘Portfolio’. This is because the term theme has caused confusion in the past for our users and this is our chance to correct that.

Our Portfolios are now Planet, People and our combination portfolio contains the same ETFs as before but is now called Planet & People, instead of People and Planet.


We want investing with CIRCA5000 to be simple to understand and a seamless experience. With that in mind, we have simplified the titles of the ETFs you invest in.

Global Clean Energy is now Energy.

Clean Water is now Water.

Sustainable future of food is now Food.

Pharma Breakthrough is now Health.

Digital learning & EdTech is now Education.

Cybersecurity & Privacy is now Cybersecurity.

Please note, the list of companies you invest in hasn't changed. Your investments are still the same and there’s nothing you need to do.

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