When you add money to your CIRCA5000 account we collect this 'top-up' as a card payment from your registered debit card. Once the top-up settles with us, it's then invested in your portfolio in line with your chosen risk level, at the next available trading point.

We understand that everyone's financial circumstances are different, so we offer multiple ways you can add money to your CIRCA5000 account:

  • Monthly top-ups

  • One-off top-ups

  • Round-ups

Monthly Top-ups

A monthly top-up instructs us to collect a pre-specified amount from your debit card, on a set date each month. Your monthly top-up remains active unless you pause it.

Monthly top-ups are a good way to invest regularly on auto-pilot, taking the emotional decision-making out of investing.

You can set up a monthly top-up during sign up or at anytime after setting up your account by heading to the Monthly Top-up tab on your app's Home page.

One-off Top-ups

One-off top-ups can be made as and when you'd like to add money to your CIRCA5000 account.

Once you instruct a one-off top-up it's collected from your debit card within a matter of minutes.

You can make a one-off top-up during sign up and at anytime after setting up your account by tapping '+ Top-up' from your app's Home page.


Round-ups allow you to invest the spare change from the everyday purchases you make with your bank account. E.g. if you buy a coffee for £2.40 then this is rounded up by 60p to the nearest pound.

The total of your weekly round-ups is then collected from your registered debit card each Monday afternoon.

You can set up round-ups at any time by tapping on the Round-Ups tab of your app's Home page. You'll need to connect your bank account which is done securely using our Open Banking provider, Truelayer.

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