Download the app and have some documents to hand

To start your CIRCA5000 journey you'll need to download the CIRCA5000 app from the Google Play Store or the App Store to your mobile device.

You may need the below to hand to help us complete your sign up:

  • Your debit card details (so you can add your money to your CIRCA5000 account to be invested)

  • National Insurance Number (needed for trade reporting)

Choose your investments

  • Choose which type of account you'd like: Stocks & Shares ISA, GIA (General Investment Account) or Personal Pension.

  • Choose your Portfolio, we have 3 to choose from: (1) Planet (2) People (3) Planet & People (a combination of the first two portfolios).

  • Choose a risk level: Cautious, Balanced or Adventurous.

Set up your top-ups

You can choose to make:

  • A one-off top-up

  • A monthly top-up (invest automatically each month with a specified amount, collected from your debit card)

  • Or both. These preferences can be amended any time in-app if you change your mind.

Enter your personal details

We'll need your:

  • Name, email address (which is used to login to your CIRCA5000 account going forward), date of birth and mobile number.

  • National Insurance Number (needed for trade reporting)

  • Nationality

  • For non-UK nationals also your National ID. The National ID differs from country to country but we'll let you know what information is needed once you've selected your nationality.

Please note: CIRCA5000 will never sell your details to third parties. We need this information to perform some security checks to prove you are who you say you are.

Accept our Terms & Conditions

You can view our T&Cs in the app at this stage and they can also be found on our website.

Verify your identity

Once you've finished your sign up we'll need to verify your identity before we can collect your top-ups and invest these for you.

We try to complete these identity checks electronically using the information you've provided, so it's important to enter your correct legal name, date of birth and address.

On occasion we may contact you for further documentation before we can pass the identity checks to activate your account.

If more information is needed, we'll contact you by email and in-app chat to let you know which documents we need to activate your CIRCA5000 account.

After you've finished your sign up...

Once your identity has been verified any pending top-ups will be collected within 15 minutes. The top-up will reach us from your bank the following working day.

Once your top-up is received, it'll automatically be invested for you in your chosen portfolio at our next trading point (trades then take a further 2 working days to settle).

You'll then see a new daily balance of your investments in your app.

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