We calculated data on sea ice melting in accordance with a 2016 research paper published in Science Magazine. The paper observed a linear relationship between carbon dioxide emissions and sea ice loss, which implies that for every ton of CO2 emissions produced, 3 ± 0.3 square meters of Arctic sea ice is lost.


Using the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalent calculator, we calculated that 0.88 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions (the average UK citizen’s monthly carbon emissions) is equivalent to the amount of carbon sequestered by 14.6 tree seedlings grown for ten years.

Trees sequester carbon by capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and transforming it into organic material through photosynthesis.


We calculated that one tonne (or 1,000kg) of carbon emissions is equivalent to 1.2346 flights from London to New York using the Carbon Footprint Calculator.

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