You can add money to your child's JISA in two ways;

One-off Top-up

A one-off top-up lets you add money to the JISA as and when you like, and it's only attempted once.

To make a one-off top-up:

  • Select the JISA you wish to top-up from the homepage.

  • Tap '+ Top-up' and follow the on-screen instructions.

Monthly Top-up

A monthly top-up instructs us to collect a pre-specificed amount from your debit card on a set date, each month. The monthly top-up remains active unless you pause it.

Monthly top-ups are a good way to invest regularly on auto-pilot, taking the emotional decision-making out of investing.

To set up a monthly top-up for a JISA:

  • Tap on the JISA you wish to set up a Monthly Top-up for.

  • Tap "Regular Payments" and follow the on screen instructions.

A note on Round-ups

It's not currently possible to opt for Round-ups to be added to a JISA.

If this is something you’d like to have please let us know your interest by emailing our Customer Support team at or using our in-app chat.

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