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What is a Stocks & Shares JISA?
What is a Stocks & Shares JISA?
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A Junior ISA (JISA) is an individual savings allowance for children under the age of 18.

Parents or legal guardians of a child can open a JISA for them and any money they add to it belongs to the child (not the parent/legal guardian). The child can then access the money when they turn 18.

There are two different types of JISA available in the financial services industry. At CIRCA5000 we offer a Stocks & Shares JISA.

A Stocks & Shares JISA is a tax efficient investment account for your child where any money you add to it, is invested in the stock market.

A CIRCA5000 Stocks & Shares JISA allows you to:

  • Save up to the JISA allowance each tax year, paying no Income or Capital Gains Tax on capital growth or interest/dividends (the 2023-24 tax year JISA allowance is £9,000).

  • Invest your child's JISA money into companies making a difference, through CIRCA5000’s impact portfolios.

  • Achieve potentially higher returns than a Cash JISA.

Checkout out our JISA FAQs Collection if you have more JISA-related questions!

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