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How do I login to my CIRCA5000 account?
How do I login to my CIRCA5000 account?
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If you've logged out of your CIRCA5000 account, or you've changed mobile devices, then the next time you open the app you'll need to log back into your account.

To login to your account you'll need to request a link, which we'll send to your registered email address. You'll need to tap this link from your mobile device and you'll be taken to your account in the CIRCA5000 app.

If you remain logged in, any time you close and reopen your app after that you'll be asked to enter your 6 digit PIN or use your biometrics (e.g. fingerprint/face ID) to open the app and use your account.

How do I reset my PIN?

You can reset your PIN anytime from within your app if you're already logged in and your app is open. Just head Settings and then tap 'Set up PIN.'

If you've closed your app and can't remember your PIN then our Customer Support team will need to reset your PIN for you. Just reach out to us by emailing, or using your in-app chat letting us know. We'll need to complete an ID check before we can send you your new PIN.

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