Sure, you can transfer pensions from other providers to your CIRCA5000 personal pension and we don't charge any fees to do this.

You can begin a transfer once your CIRCA5000 pension has been opened by tapping 'Transfer In'.

Please be aware we can't accept transfers of the following:

  • Pensions which are in drawdown;

  • A full transfer of an employee pension if your employer is currently contributing towards it (unless your scheme allows you to make a partial transfer out without losing employer contributions);

  • Defined Benefit pension schemes;

  • Pension which provide safeguarded benefits.

If you're unsure whether the pension you're wanting to transfer is one of the above please speak with your current pension provider who'll be able to confirm this for you.

Please note: If you're transferring benefits from another pension which has tax-free cash protection, this protection may be lost on transfer.

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