We want to make it easy to keep track of all your investments. That's why we offer a free service to transfer any ISAs and pensions you might have elsewhere, to CIRCA5000.

By consolidating your accounts with CIRCA5000, you'll be able to manage all of your investments simply from one place, and have peace of mind knowing you're investing in businesses helping to build a better future.

And why not be rewarded for transferring to CIRCA5000?

If you transfer a pension or ISA, worth £10,000 or more, to CIRCA5000 then we'll invest £100 in your CIRCA5000 account for you!

Check out the terms and conditions of our offer below.

Terms & Conditions of our Transfer Offer


  • We’, ‘us’, ‘the company’ mean CIRCA5000 Ltd.

  • ‘The Reward’ £100 deposited into a General Investment Account (“GIA”) or Individual Savings Account (“ISA”) as defined in our General Terms and Conditions available on our website: https://circa5000.com/terms-and-conditions.

Terms of the offer:

  1. Customers who transfer in an ISA or pension, with a value of at least £10,000, from another provider will be eligible to claim The Reward once the transfer has completed (we have received your funds).

  2. To claim your reward simply email our support team on hi@circa5000.com from your registered email address once your transfer is complete. Please specify whether you wish for the funds to be deposited into your ISA or into a General Investment Account.

  3. Where you request for The Reward to be deposited into a GIA, you authorise us to open a General Investment Account in your name. We will then deposit The Reward. The Reward will be invested in the same funds and proportions that you have chosen in your Stocks and Shares ISA or pension. You may sell or change these investments once they have been purchased.

  4. This offer may be withdrawn at any time.

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