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How do I arrange a transfer to a different provider than AJ Bell?
How do I arrange a transfer to a different provider than AJ Bell?
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First, you need to decide on an alternative home for your money. Be sure to research the provider and their services and consider the level of support you want and how much you're willing to pay (both to initially transfer your account and your annual ongoing charges).

We can't advise you on the pros or cons of different providers. But for reference, if you move to AJ Bell, we're happy to say there will be no transfer charges; your current fees will be lower, and you can continue to invest in the funds you currently hold.

Once you've identified your new provider, you will need to contact them and follow their account transfer process by 11/03/2024. Unfortunately, we cannot do this on your behalf.

Remember to complete your transfer form with your chosen provider by 11/03/2024 and let us know the provider you have decided to transfer your account to. Then, we'll be able to keep an eye out for the transfer paperwork when it arrives.

If your new provider identifies any issues making the transfer, please contact us and our team may be able to help.

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